Classic Thai Cuisine

Choice of Jasmine Rice or Brown Rice Add $1
Select one of the Following to Accent a Dish Below

Green Curry

spicyGreen Curry Vegetable 10.75
spicyGreen Curry Tofu 10.75
spicyGreen Curry Chicken 11.75
spicyGreen Curry Beef 12.75
spicyGreen Curry Shrimp 13.75

Red Curry

spicyRed Curry Vegetable 10.75
spicyRed Curry Tofu 10.75
spicyRed Curry Chicken 11.75
spicyRed Curry Beef 12.75
spicyRed Curry Shrimp 13.75

Panang Curry

spicyPanang Curry Vegetable 10.75
spicyPanang Curry Tofu 10.75
spicyPanang Curry Chicken 11.75
spicyPanang Curry Beef 12.75
spicyPanang Curry Shrimp 13.75

Masaman Curry

spicyMasaman Curry Vegetable 10.75
spicyMasaman Curry Tofu 10.75
spicyMasaman Curry Chicken 11.75
spicyMasaman Curry Beef 12.75
spicyMasaman Curry Shrimp 13.75

Thai Basil

spicyThai Basil Vegetable 10.75
spicyThai Basil Tofu 10.75
spicyThai Basil Chicken 11.75
spicyThai Basil Beef 12.75
spicyThai Basil Shrimp 13.75

Pad Thai

(Not w. Rice)
spicyVegetable Pad Thai 10.75
spicyTofu Pad Thai 10.75
spicyChicken Pad Thai 11.75
spicyBeef Pad Thai 12.75
spicyShrimp Pad Thai 13.75